Hospital Grade Breast Pumps

Buying a hospital grade breast pump is one of the best investments you will make if you are planning to pump exclusively or are having trouble keeping up your milk supply.  Luckily, there are several amazing hospital-grade breast pumps available at reasonable prices.  One of the most popular and highly rated hospital grade breastpumps is the Medela Symphony Breast Pump.

The Symphony is Medela’s latest innovation in hospital-grade electric double pumps. With 2-Phase Expression pumping, Symphony is proven to reduce pumping time through faster let-down and milk flow and remove as much milk as a breastfeeding baby. A hospital grade pump is especially great when you are establishing your milk supply.

Reviews of the Symphony are AMAZING – moms who use it agree that the pump helped increase their milk supply are reduced the amount of time needed to pump, although it’s different for every woman.

Pros of the Medela Symphony Breast Pump:

-Extremely quiet compared to the Pump in Style, Lactina, and Classic pumps

-Easy to clean

-Exchangeable flanges if you need different sizes

-Replaceable parts

-Easy-to-use fool-proof buttons

-Double phase expression starts off slow to ease you into full pumping action which is easier on your nipples

-You can pump both sides at once.


-It’s not easy to lug around and can be a bit heavy. It comes in a huge hard case for protection since it’s a pricey pump. Not conducive to travel even with the battery pack since it’s heavy.

-Condensation often builds in the tubes, but they are easily fixable by running the pump without the bottles attached everyone once in a while

Ameda Elite Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Moms who have tried Ameda Elite Electric Hospital Grade Breast Pump have nothing but positive things to say.  In fact, the Amazon reviews are 100% 5-stars.  The Ameda is also slightly lower priced than the Medela Symphony!    The Ameda Elite is the ultimate in medical-grade breast pumps for performance and durability. This electric, piston- driven breast pump by Ameda uses micro-processor technology to deliver your vacuum and piston cycle choice. Designed for multiple users and operational frequency. Used by many maternity hospitals, pharmacies, birthing & lactation centers.

Ameda Pros:

• Microchip technology allows independent adjustment of suction levels and cycle speed to accommodate your personal comfort level and to closely simulate baby’s nursing patterns.

• Easy to carry, clean and operate due to its sleek, lightweight design.

• Infinitely Adjustable Suction Levels and Cycle Speeds.

• Microprocessor Controlled, Piston Driven.

• Lightweight and Portable.

You may have thought about renting a hospital grade pump, which runs from $60 to $100 a month.  However, if you are planning on breastfeeding for the recommended 12-24 months, and especially if you plan on having more than one child, then its worth the investment to purchase a hospital-grade breast pump, such as the Symphony.  $75 a month adds up to $900 for 12 months and $1800 for 24 months.

There are a lot of reasons to consider a hospital grade breast pump.  If your little one has latching issues or you are going to be pumping exclusively, the money spent on a hospital grade breast pump is well worth it.   While double electric pumps like the Medela Pump In Style are good for expressing established milk the Medela Symphony and Ameda Elite are made to help establish the milk supply.