Top-10 Nursing Supplies for Mom

Top 10 things a breast feeding mom needs when returning to work

1 – A Breast Pump.  If you are going to be returning to work you should invest in a double electric pump

2 – Breastmilk Storage Bags

3 – Privacy – can’t understate that one

4 – Pump at Work ebook – Our 2012 ebook has all the information for returning to work while continuing to breastfeed

5 – A Compact Refrigerator – or somewhere cold to store expressed milk

6 – Washable Nursing Pads – for daily use and Disposable Nursing Pads – for the mornings when all your washable pads are in the wash

7 – An iPad – you can get your work done or lose yourself in the latest issue of Parents magazine

8 – Nursing Bra

9 – Tote Bag – for your pump and accessories

10 – Cooler Bag – for expressed milk